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Working with Multiple Organizations

An organization represents an enterprise, business, firm, company or another organization, where each organization can have it’s own (set of) users.

Marello’s organizations can be used to implement separate organizations within one Marello installation. This can, for example, be useful when you would like to prevent different organizations from gaining insight into each other’s data for sensitive reasons or because of inconvenience when products, customers, and orders are mixed.

An example of a situation in which organizations could be used is when your Franchise company runs three different stores for three different franchise licenses. In Marello, each store can be a separate organization to isolate data from the other franchise licenses. Users within the organization would only see records that are relevant to their organization. The franchise owner, however, can have access to all organizations to gather aggregated customer or order information.

Another use case could be when a company is selling products in totally different product markets and wants to separate them to allow separation of products, order processes, and financial figures.

In the Enterprise edition of Marello, you can create as many organizations as needed within the application. Organizations cannot be nested under one another; however, a single organization can preside over all the others as the Global Organization. A single user can belong to several different organizations.

Creating and managing organizations

Updated on december 28, 2020

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