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OroPlatform Fundamentals Training

Learn about the Marello development principals

Marello is built on the OroPlatform.

OroPlatform is an open-source platform made for rapid application development. Built using PHP – on the well-known Symfony framework – OroPlatform gives developers and businesses a jump-start for building web applications that solve specific business problems.

Who is this course for

This course is perfect for new or experienced developers wanting to learn about Marello’s customization potential, architecture, system functions, and more. It’s also applicable for developers who have no experience with Oro but want to learn about the Marello application development process and principles. It offers the necessary skills to start developing business applications based on OroPlatform.

Oro Fundamentals training is an excellent way to get familiar with the Oro suite of products. It will offer value to:

  • Independent developers looking to expand their skills
  • In-house developers looking to integrate Oro suite of products
  • Technology consultants looking to improve their service offering

Topics Covered

  • Development environment
  • General Concepts
  • Testing
  • Extending functionality with bundles
  • Entities and their data
  • Security and access control lists
  • Import and export of entities
  • API & Integrations
  • Workflows
  • Q&A

The Oro fundamentals training is offered by: OroINC


Part 1: Dev Environment, Basic Concepts, Testing, Extending with Bundles

The goal of this training segment is to help you understand the basic tools used when working with Oro applications and share our approach to application development.

Part 2: Extend Functionality with Bundles, Entities, and their Data.

In this training segment, you will learn how to extend the existing functionality with bundles. We will also touch on how to configure and extend entities, and create migrations.

Part 3: Entities and their Data.

This training segment will show you how to create configurable and extendable entities, create migrations, configure and customize the data grid, and show you the best practices.

Part 4: Security and Access Control Lists, Import and Export of Entities.

In this training segment, we are going to talk about the ACLs and import/export of entities, and in particular, about entity permissions, ownership access levels, actions permissions (capabilities), import and export trigger jobs, import strategies, entity field configurations, and much more.

Part 5: API.

In this part of the Oro Fundamentals series, we are going to give you the essential API theory, and talk about API configuration, Authentication – oAuth2, processors, the configuration of entities, fields, sorters, filters, and Message Queue. We are also going to talk about ways to integrate, integration types, configuration sources, integration flow, and much more.

Part 6: Workflows.

In this last part of the Oro Fundamentals series, learn about workflow definition, workflow steps and transitions, attributes, and best practices of configuring them.

Updated on april 15, 2021

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