• Omnichannel Commerce

    When you are selling in multiple online and offline channels, managing omnichannel commerce processes can become a challenge. In order to keep track of orders, inventory, and customers in all channels, an integrated solution needs to be in place. Single Channel vs Multichannel vs Omnichannel It’s good to know about…

  • Unified Commerce

    Businesses are increasingly challenged by changing buying behavior. Nowadays, shoppers expect amazing customer experiences across multiple sales channels. This evolving need is driving businesses to innovate and thus use solutions that offer their customers an ultimate omnichannel customer experience. This is where Unified Commerce Management (UCM) helps out. Unified Commerce…

  • Multi-Source Inventory

    Inventory can be kept at multiple locations. This means that managing and them can take up a lot of time. Having all inventory locations in one unified platform helps to streamline how you manage and operate your inventory. Gain real-time insights and make smart inventory decisions for all your stock locations….

  • Inventory Batches

    Inventory batches represent a number of inventory items that need to be grouped and traced a such. Each batch of inventory, of the same product type, may differ. Think of the expiry date the product has, the color that was used to paint the item, the location the product was…

  • Product Attributes

    Definition of a Product Attribute A Product Attribute is a field that holds information about a product. Marello enables you to manage and group attributes that are unique in a Product Family. By adding the product attributes only to the product families they fit, you can limit the product data to the…

  • Product Families

    Definition of a Product Family A Product Family is a set of product attributes that store product information about the products of a similar type (e.g., TV attributes vs T-shirts attributes). In the product family, attributes are organized into attribute groups that are displayed as titled sections. Product Family Grid…

  • Sales Channels

    In this video, we’ll be showing you how to create Sales Channels, Sales Channel Groups and Warehouse Group Links.

  • Omnichannel Warehouse Management

    In this video, we’ll be showing you Marello’s Omnichannel Inventory Management Strategies which make sure supply is in line with demand.

  • Warehouses

    In this video, we’ll be showing you how to create warehouses, warehouse groups, and how to link warehouse groups to sales channel groups.

  • Inventory Management

    In this video we will be showing about Marello’s basic Inventory Management capabilities.