Warehouse Groups

Inventory can be assigned to Warehouses and Warehouse Groups. Setting up Warehouse groups allows you to link Warehouses to Sales Channels and make sure the right warehouses are assigned to fulfill orders.

For example, your warehouse group of European located warehouses may be assigned to fulfill orders in Europe, while another group of American based warehouses might be assigned to  to fulfill orders in the USA. 

Warehouse Group Overview

An overview of all warehouse groups known to the system. 

  1. Navigate to: Warehouses → Warehouse Groups
Screenshot of the warehouse groups grid in Marello
Warehouse Groups Grid
  • Name: The Name of the Warehouse group
  • Description: A description of the Warehouse group
  • Warehouses: All warehouses included in the group

Individual Warehouse Group Page 

Each warehouse group has their own individual page.

  1. In the menu, navigate to: Warehouses → Warehouse Groups → Click on on the warehouse groups in the grid 
Warehouse Group View screenshot in Marello
Warehouse Group View


  • Name: Name of the Warehouse Group
  • Description: Description of Warehouses in the Warehouse Group


  • Name: Name of the Warehouse in the Warehouse Group
  • Code: Unique code assigned to the Warehouse
  • Type: Defines the way the inventory is treated*
  • Default: Whether the warehouse is used as a default

*Global allows the inventory to be sold through more than one Sales Channel ánd allows the Warehouse to be added to a Warehouse Group.

Fixed allows the inventory to be sold through only one Sales Channel. For example Inventory from a store could be ‘fixed’ so that no other Sales Channel can sell this inventory other than the Store itself.

Virtual is a Warehouse that reserves inventory from Global Warehouses. For example for a temporary Sales Channel like a trade show.

External is a Warehouse that is managed by a third party, for example in case op drop shipping.

Create a Warehouse Group 

To create a warehouse group, navigate to: Warehouses → Warehouse Groups → Click on the ”Create warehouse group” button in the top right corner of the page.

Fill in the following fields

  • Name: Name for the Warehouse Group
  • Description: A description of the Warehouse group
  • Warehouses: Select warehouses to be included in the warehouse group.

Click save and close

Linking Sales Channel Groups and Warehouse Groups

Learn more about how to use Warehouse Groups by linking them to Sales Channel Groups

Updated on december 28, 2020

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