• Inventory

    Inventory consists out of the goods that a business holds for the purpose of selling them. Managing inventory is a complex process, but the basics are essentially the same regardless of the organization’s size or type. The ultimate goal is to have the inventory in line with the geographic location and demand of a product.

  • Google integration, Google GEO and Distance Calculation

    Marello uses services from Google to show maps on, for example, the customer view page. It also uses these services to calculate distances between Warehouses and the shipping address to determine the best shipping route. Configuration To be able to use Google services you need to configure the Google Settings…

  • Installation instructions

    Install Marello As both Symfony and Marello use Composer to manage their dependencies, this is the recommended way to install Marello. Clone Marello application repository: git clone -b x.y.z https://github.com/marellocommerce/marello-application.git where x.y.z is the latest release tag or use the latest master: git clone https://github.com/marellocommerce/marello-application.git Install Composer globally following the official Composer installation documentation…

  • Working with Grids

    In Marello, the list of all available records of one type is aggregated on one page with a table (also called a grid). The data in the record tables can be filtered and saved as a page snapshot, and the columns in the table can be customized to display only…

  • Quick Access in the Grid

    In the last column on the most grids, you will find icons that give quick access to a new section, including viewing, editing and deleting.  For example if you go to: Navigate to Products → Products In the grid, hover over one of the products. Now click on the three dots…

  • History, Favorites and Most Viewed

    The “hamburger” icon close to the user menu contains a history of your page views, the list of your favorite pages, and the list of the most viewed pages in Marello. All the page names available in the lists are clickable links to the relevant pages. History This section displays…

  • User Menu

    On the top right side of the screen, under your username, you will find the User Menu drop-down. It provides a fast way to access your user profile, configuration, mailbox and calendar. It is also used to log out of the system. My User: This link opens your user profile….

  • Pinbar

    Pinning pages is a convenient tool that allows you to save a page and easily return to it.

  • Search

    Search for Products, Orders, Customers and everything else in Marello with the search function.